Life is too short to drink bad coffee.  

We don’t think it should cost the world to make great coffee.  There are myriad ways to make coffee.  None of them are wrong.  However, we think there are three key ingredients for a heart-warming cup:


Surprisingly, not all coffee tastes best super fresh.  Different coffee will generally peak in flavour 2 – 21 days after roasting.  Lighter roasted and more complex coffees seem to take longer to taste their best.  However, packet coffee from a supermarket shelf that has a “Best before” date some months in the future is unlikely to be awesome.  Good coffee tells you when it was roasted.  

The first thing you should get to improve the quality of your coffee is a grinder.  As soon as coffee is ground, its surface area is massively increased and it starts to go off much faster.  Finding a cheap and effective grinder is not easy but it will massively improve your coffee.