Since starting Mourea Coffee, part of the joy of the business has been discovering and working with some very talented people in Rotorua.  Below are some of the contributors to our products.


Roaster, coffee pedlar, founder and all round busy body, Miriam started a deep dive into the sensory and logistical world of coffee roasting in 2019.  We roasted coffee in a fry pan, then a popcorn maker and then a wee sample roaster made in Dunedin.  Then we started tasting, reading and listening to everyone who had something to say, did a coffee roasting course and bought our first 2kg electric drum roaster.  A year or so later, having left her job as an electrical engineer, Mourea Coffee Company upgraded to a 12kg electric roaster from Germany made about the same time Miriam was – 1974.  We have been roasting and riding and reimagining ever since.


Hi, I am Eva Corson, and I have created the pottery you can see here, in my small studio in Ōwhata, Rotorua. First things first: about the cups—they are food safe and dishwasher proof. 

Now a little  about me: During the day I use my head and heart working with Rotorua children and their families as a family counsellor, helping them create positive change.  At night my head can switch off and I let my hands do the creating!  I enjoy the feel of clay and making something beautiful . 

I hope you enjoy the sensory experience of holding the cups and drinking out of them as much as I have enjoyed throwing, carving and glazing them.  Do get in touch for any questions/requests or find me on instagram: eva.corson.pottery.  


My wife Sandy and I moved to Rotorua, from Liverpool, England in 1974 and I worked as an electrician with the last 28 years of my career fixing petrol pumps and all things gas station related.  I think the fumes addled my brain, as when I retired at 65, I decided to give woodturning a try and found that I really enjoy it.  I love making various items from wood and soon learned that there is a lot more to woodturning than just making bowls.
I joined The Geyserland Guild of Woodworkers, and if you are interested in finding out more about them, or you would like to give it a try, check out our website  or find us on Facebook under Rotorua Woodturners, and if you would like to see some of my creations then visit DJZWoodart at


Fully electric Mazda Bongos don’t just grow on trees.  They take the creative and technical genius and many hours of blood, sweat and occasional cussing of a Ra Cleave, the Mourea local who can build just about anything.  

The genius little WIFI connected controller that runs the Bongo also controls the coffee roaster.  Ra built and maintains the database that manages orders, writes python scripts to make personalised labels and is the Minister of Solutions in the roastery. 


Taemi lives with her family in Ōwhata and makes all sorts of clever creations – beeswax wraps, origami jewelery…  She makes our organic cotton brewer filters that go so well in Eva’s brewers.  And helps Miriam when she is too disorganised to find her spot at the market.

You can find her and her goodies at the Thursday Night market or online