Mourea Coffee Company

Our ethos is to tread lightly and engage deeply. We consider the impact of our operations from the cultivation of the coffee trees to the consumption and disposal of our products. That means great tasting coffee procured, processed and provided with regard to people and the planet. What a lot of ‘p’s!


We source our beans as ethically and ecologically as we can.  That means buying Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified green beans wherever possible.  

For other goods and services we try to buy as locally and responsibly as possible. 

Our Operations

Both the MCC roaster and our delivery vehicle are powered by good old-fashioned New Zealand electricity.  This is highly “renewable” and represents a significant carbon saving over roasting with gas – the near universal fuel – and delivering with an internal combustion engine. 

Packaging and Waste

Less is often more.  One of the main advantages of buying local is that you can begin to close the loop on a proper circular supply chain.  We use and reuse jars for coffee that is delivered locally.  If you can leave your jars out for recollection, they will be sterilised and go around again.  For postal orders or people who don’t want to or can’t return our jars, we use paper.  If you get your coffee in a paper bag, we recommend that you put it in your own air-tight container to maximise freshness.

If you have any LARGE jars (700ml and above) that you don’t want, we would love to upcycle them to coffee vessels.  Drop us a line.