AeroPress Go

$75.00 Inc. GST

This is the more portable version of the Classic AeroPress.  It all packs down into a cup.  Simple and affordable coffee device that makes great tasting coffee.  In the box you get:

  • AeroPress brew chamber and plunger
  • 350 paper filters and travel holder
  • Compact scoop
  • Stirrer
  • Mug and lid

For more information and convincing of the general cleverness of the AeroPress, check out or watch the inventor make a brew.


The AeroPress has such a cult following that there is a World AeroPress Championship and an AeroPress movie.  The device invented by a toy-maker who was tired of bad or too hard to prepare coffee.  The AeroPress avoids the bitterness of plunger or the faff and expense of an espresso machine.  It makes great full flavoured coffee and invites the maker to experiment with the recipe – coffee type, grind type, water and coffee volume, temperature, brew time…