Handmade Wooden Dosing Funnel 58mm

$45.00 Inc. GST

58mm coffee dosing funnels made with love in Pukehangi, Rotorua by Dave.  This minor work of art catches the coffee out of the grinder into your 58mm portafilter (standard E61 group head, not Breville I am afraid).  It reduces mess and wastage meaning more of that coffee goes into your system and less onto the bench, floor, vacuum cleaner…  These funnels are made of recycled and scavenged wood.  That is no trees were felled for this enterprise.  Someone just got hold of the wood before it became landfill, firewood or humus.  They are a handmade product so each is unique with their own joyous imperfections.  They all fit a 58mm portafilter but heights and shapes vary slightly.  They are finished with shellac and Carnauba wax (foodsafe).

Care: Occasionally wipe with a soft damp cloth after use and employ a good quality wax when required to keep them looking great.