Reusable Flat Bag

From $10.90 Inc. GST

Load up on waste-free bakery snacks.  Great for school lunches and picnics. 

The disposable brown paper bag is a curse. Think of the millions of bags being made, trees chopped, shipped, unloaded, transported, distributed throughout the world everyday. And how long do we use them for? Five minutes at best? The cookie is eaten, the mouth is wiped and the paper bag is in the bin. Time to ditch some bad habits and adopt longer lasting good ones.

What the reusable cup is for coffee, SammyBags is for food – it’s that simple folks, own your bag.

Made from high-quality washable kraft paper, these bags are durable and long-lasting.  Simply shake out the crumbs or pop in the washing machine, on any cycle, for a deeper clean. Click here for more details.  The paper softens and ages over time similar to leather. Light, flat and easy to slip into your glovebox, pocket or pack.  SammyBags are handmade in Ōtautahi, Aotearoa by David & Sam.  As people who want a product that lasts they stand behind their product.  If for some reason there is a fault, we will exchange or repair.  Check out their guarantee.

Small – 200mm x 150mm (25g empty)
Medium– 250mm x 200mm (40g empty)